Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"You Have 34,567 Friends!!" Oh Yeah?

As millions flock to social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Friendster, experts warn they could be putting themselves at risk from dangers such as identity theft and stalking. Take these basic precautions.

*Check the website's privacy policy. Some allow unrestricted access to posted content. If possible, restrict access to your profile so only close friends can view your information.

*Seriously consider omitting your fullname, address, phone number, pets' and maiden names or any personal details that can allude to passwords.

*Choose a username that doesn't contain personal info.

*Be aware that personal photos can be altered.

*The internet is open to the public, so only post stuff you don't mind strangers knowing. After all, you can't take it back - even if you delete it, older versions may exist on other people's computers.

*Don't believe everything you read online. Report anything or anyone suspicious to the website or police.

-Adapted from Reader's Digest issue April 2008-

so now boys n girls please stop asking me why i privated my pages (i.e MySpace, Facebook, Friendster) and didnt put my fullname, personal details n photos in most of them. tired of having to repeat my reasons to every single person who ask. now you know..