Monday, December 19, 2011

29 years ago.. (or sometime around that)..

On your Way to Your Birthday on 19 December 1982:
You were born on Sunday on 19 December 1982 and you think this is your oldest day of your life history but you are sadly wrong. Let's surprise you:

12 February 1982, Friday, (Your birthday -310 days):
On 12 February 1982, Friday, your father has produced the semen that will be half of you soon. He produced 1000 sperms every second of his life and you will be be lucky one out of 500 million sperm he sent on their way in the conceivement. You may find interesting to know that if he had drunk (or not drunk) coffee on this Friday morning, you might born completely as someone else (for instance in the opposite sex) as caffeine changes the speed of male sperms.

27 February 1982, Saturday (Your birthday -295 days):
Today your mother ad her last menstrual cycle and started building up the egg, that will be the other half of you. After today, she will not have this cycle again for a very long time (thanks to you!). She spent Saturday as moody, anxious, short-tempered and you should be glad, you were not around her that day!

14 March 1982, Sunday (Your birthday -280 days):
Your mother's egg is ready to build the other half of you and your father and your mother got together to make you. But there is still no "you" around so don't get excited much. It can take several hours for your father's sperm to reach your mother's egg and now it is just on its way out.

15 March 1982, Monday (Your birthday -279 days):
Out of 500 million sperm on their way to your mother's egg, the sperm which built you has won the race by coming first and the sperm and the egg is became one to make your very first cell. Do you see how lucky your half (the sperm) be by winning coming up first among 500 million other rivals? Never tell you are not lucky anymore!

We can call Monday, 15 March 1982 as your "first day alive" because this is when you are a living entity, an embryo, congratulations! Although you are just a 1 cell creature today your unique DNA is also formed so your future destiny like your sex, height, physical appearance, intelligence, characteristic and vulnerability to certain diseases is already been determined.

29 March 1982, Monday (Your birthday -265 days):
If your mother is an intelligent women, she would have suspected that she is pregnant at 29 March 1982, Monday. She is not very sure yet but she is suspicious. We hope she was excited and joyed, not worried.

5 April 1982, Monday (Your birthday -258 days):
Today your mother is telling your father about her pregnancy and he is celebrating to be a daddy! Day 5 April 1982, Monday is also important in that, your heart has pumped for the first time today. We don't know if it is a coincidence that your father learned about you in the very day, your heart first pumped!

19 December 1982, Sunday(Your birthday):
You are born to a cruel world. Happy birthday little buddy! We hope you remember to enjoy your life which was a big journey from day minus 310 to today.

Born 19 December 1982?: Here is some interesting in your life:

Your lucky days are Sunday (Conceivement date, You were born) and Monday (Your first cell is built, Your mother suspects she is pregnant, Your heart beat for the first time).

If your hair were never cut since 19 December 1982, it would be 4.226 m. today.

If your nails were never cut since 19 December 1982, they would be 1.049 m. today.

An apple tree seeded on 19 December 1982, bore 2,575.429 kg. apple till today. Its contribution to economy is $10,276.0 and it fed 4,321 people. We hope that in your life you, as a human being, achieved more than that poor apple tree.

Notakaki: A little bengong2 but good to know though. Hehe.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

This one for you my precious..

exactly one year ago to this day..

and a year later..

dah boleh drive keta dah. how time flies. :)

May all the best in life, my baby,
Enrich your future way,
Adventure and good fortune, too,
Bring joy to you each day.

Because today's your 1st Birthday
And you're so special too,
Everything that is nice and happy,
Is being wished for you.

Happy 1st Birthday Ameen Haiqal my dear godson. Even though you did not come from my own womb but I already fiercely love you like my own flesh and blood. Happy one, Honey Bun!

Hugs n Kisses. <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A breath of fresh air.. maybe..

On the surface, it may looks like I haven't been putting enough efforts in publishing more blog entries but the the truth is I actually have. I've been writing a couples of new entries here and there in between the entries that I actually posted. It's just that all those entries are not publish for the public but to remain a feast for my own eyes only.

I'm a girl (woman? lady?) who have a lot of suppressed feelings and emotions inside of her. Things that sometimes are better known only by me, myself and I only. Things that I'm not comfortable sharing with just anybody. But if those kind of things are kept bubbling inside of oneself any longer one may not have the strength to keep it all lock down. One may need to find a way to express or project it all out. To find an outlet to channel all those emotions out in order for one to keep her sanity intact.

How to express your feelings but at the same time you don't want anybody to know what you're going through? Well, you write everything you're experiencing on your blog and not publish it to others eyes. At least that was what I did. At least that what's keeping me going all these days. Hey, what works for one doesn't necessarily works for others right?

But not having the pleasure of getting feedbacks from what you're expressing may be frustrating at time. No doubt it would be nice to hear others advices, opinions, perspectives and looks on things. But how do you still could get feedbacks but at the same time you don't want people to know what you're going through? At least people who knew you personally. Cause admit it, people like to judge. People tend to make abrupt assumptions. And it will be so much harsher and crueler if the people judging and assuming you is somebody you personally knew. And also admit it, nobody likes to be judged and feel belittled.

So how can you do that? How do you let everythings out yet not let anybody who matters to you know about it? Maybe I could start new. Maybe I could start another blog and be all anonymous there and nobody could tell it was me. Maybe by doing that I could pour my heart out but not worry what others will think of me since they didn't know me personally. Maybe through that I could still keep my love of writing and let my feelings known without any unneeded barriers. Could I maybe? Maybe. Maybe.. Just maybe..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


ye ahkak tau..

tak payah ckp pun ahkak tau..

memang dari dulu lagi pun ahkak sedar dan ahkak tau..

saja je ahkak buat2 tak tau..

sbb ahkak malas nk ambik peduli dan ambik tau..

walaupun ahkak memang dh tau..

apa yg awk cuba nk bgtau..

tp sbb kesian kan awk sebok2 bagitau..

maka ahkak mengaku la yg ahkak memang sedar dan memang tau..

yg bahawasanya..

blog ahkak ni..


memang pun...




there u have it. ahkak mengaku pun ahkak tau..


tapi kan...

boring ke bosan ke zzzz ke..


ada ahkak kesah???

takde kot rasanya.

penat je awk sebok2 bagitau..

Notakaki: deknon. ni blog ahkak. sukati ahkak la nk bagi dia bosan ke menarik ke. takde mintak sedekah idea sesapa pun kot. nk baca, baca. xnk baca pi sana main fesbuk jauh2. ada ahkak kesah?

Monday, September 12, 2011

I want a house
Built of old wood
You can paint it any color you like
Just so long as I can live with you

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Diam-diam Rabu #3..

..or more. ^_~

Diam-diam Rabu #2..

Diam-diam Rabu #1..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Diam-diam Rabu..


Friday, July 22, 2011

Hassan Dan Hasnah

by Ismail Mu Kassim & Nona Asiah

Hassan suka jaga lembu
Hari-hari curi jambu
Kalau nampak Tok Penghulu
Tentu engkau kena palu

Hasnah juga budak jahat
Suka curi ikan sepat
Kalau emak engkau lihat
Tentu engkau kena sebat

Jangan suka kata orang
Engkau juga apa kurang
Aku beri ikan parang
Engkau makan tinggal tulang

Gadis tidak tahu malu
Suka jalan hilir hulu
Masak nasi pun tak tahu
Nanti siapa yang malu

Hassan tidak suka mandi
Badan dia banyak daki
Kalau masuk ke perigi
Ikan habislah mati
Hassan tak suka mandi
Badannya banyak daki
Kawan-kawan semua habis lari

Hasnah anak Tok Penghulu
Rupa dia macam hantu
Rambut dia menggerutu
Tentu banyak simpan kutu

Hassan simpan rambut panjang
Pergi gunting dia segan
Kalau orang lihat pandang
Sangka dia rambutan
Hassan berambut panjang
Bergunting dia segan
Seperti juga orang utan

Engkau bodoh macam lembu
Suruh belajar tak mahu
Nanti baru engkau malu
Alif sangka batang kayu

Kita memang sama saja
Tidak ada apa beza
Tingkah orang tidak suka
Kita ubah sampai jaya

Notakaki: Mood retro.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Kisah Dongeng

Ku sedar ku tak seberapa
Jika dibanding mereka
Yang jauh lebih megah dari diri ini

Apa yang mampu ku berhias
Hanyalah hati yang ikhlas
Terpendam simpan untuk dia yang sudi

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Mencintai aku bukan kerana rupa
Dalam waktu sedu
Dalam waktu hiba
Ku harapkan dia rela

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Sanggup menerima insan tak sempurna
Atau mungkin cinta sebegitu hanya
Kisah dongeng saja

Belum pernah ku merasakan
Dipeluk dalam dakapan
Eratnya melindungi jiwa rapuh ini

Sanubariku memerlukan
Kehadiran seorang teman
Tulus mencurah kasih sepenuh hati

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Mencintai aku bukan kerana rupa
Dalam waktu sedu
Dalam waktu hiba
Ku harapkan dia rela

Mencintai aku dengan seadanya
Sanggup menerima insan tak sempurna
Atau mungkin cinta sebegitu hanya
Kisah dongeng saja

Menusuk kalbu lagu ni. Kalu mood tgh weng2 layan jiwang nyanyi lagu ni mmg boleh menghiris jiwa-raga la. Maybe ramai yg akan kata dlm realiti pn ada wujud insan yg mcm dlm lagu tu x semestinya dlm kisah dongeng je. But sadly, dlm yours truly punya realiti so far x wujud lg insan yg mcm kt atas tu. Masih lg mencari-cari.. tercari-cari.. dimanakah..

Notakaki: Taun ni je ada 4 org sepupu yg lg muda-rumaja dr gwe nk kawen. Pressure oo nk kena menjawab bila ada mulut2 kurang peka juga prihatin sibuk bertanya the all-time fav question, "Yg kau ni bila plak nk naik pelamin?" Haish la..

Thursday, July 7, 2011

O where o where is my selimut..

I'm your little Blankie,
made by loving hands.
By Angels who are filled with kindness,
and will always understand.
I'll wrap myself around you,
to keep you warm at night.
And I'll still be covering you with Love,
come the morning light.
I'm here to soothe your anxious fears,
and ease out all the pain.
To keep the sunlight in your life,
and shoo away the rain.
The colors and my patterns,
were created just for you.
And if you take a real good look,
you'll see an Angelic Hue.
So bundle up within me,
and cuddle me all around.
I'm sure the comfort that you seek,
will surely now be found.

hujan sangat lebat di luar. alangkah nikmatnya kalau dpt melingkor dlm gebor sejuk2 gini kan. tp apakan daya gwe di opis bukan di rumah. sabarlah menanti wahai sang selimutku di rumah sana. nantikan kepulangan beta utk bercumbu dgn tuan hamba nanti malam. tungguu...

Notakaki: masih jua tidur seorang.. sigh..

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

diam-diam rabu?


Monday, June 13, 2011

Taat, taat jugak. Tapi...

"In the eyes of Allah, we all stand tall and proud as `ahsani taqwim' – the best creatures ever created.

But, in the eyes of men, where do women stand?

Allow me to suggest an answer to that question. In the eyes of men, women would be seen as how they (women) see themselves. If we engage ourselves into thinking that a woman's worth is mainly focussed at her sexual prowessness, how else more do we want men to see us?"

- Dr. Harlina Halizah Siraj in response to the Obedient Wives Club (OWC).

Read the rest of her 'personal, humble opinion on the hot issue' HERE.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tuan tanah, tuan di mana?

entry first utk taun ni. yg dipost pd bln june. kagum sekejap dgn tahap kerajinan diri sendiri mengupdate blog. ada org lain nk join kagum sama? ;p

update tuan tanah kedaung spjg tempoh hibernasi adalah seperti yg tertera di bawah. tu pon kalu ada yg sudi nk peduli lg la. sob sob..

perkhabaran diri: ok2 je..

tahap kesehatan fizikal: x brapa nk sehat 3,4 mggu kebelakangan ni. tp dlm x brapa nk sehat tu tahap kemontelan diri tetap boleh dibanggakan. sigh..

tahap kesehatan mental: disbbkan badan x sehat maka mental pon adalah x brapa nk sehat juga.

mood: jk. jiwa kacau.

status: masih menunggu pinangan sesapa yg sudi. jika berminat sila kontek omak den.

lokasi: masih bermusafir di kuala. kuala mana? kuala yg byk lumpur serta byk terpalit noda2 hitam itu la mana lg.

alamat surat-menyurat: masih bleh dihubungi di talian tepon yg sama serta bleh ditegur di laman sesawang fesbuk yg sama.

sekian dulu update dr sy. sehingga bertemu lg di lain keluaran. estimate time dlm 6 bln ++ lg ke. kalu rajin. huhu. sebelum sy mengundurkan diri terimalah dulu serangkap pantun dr sy..

kajang pak malau kajang berlipat,
kajang hamba mengkuang layu,
dagang pak malau dagang bertempat,
dagang hamba musafir lalu.

-encik damak seri mersing-

*encik damak time nk merajuk hati meninggalkan bumi mersing*