Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Y Do U Need A Reason To Feel Happy..

evry now n then when u feel happy n it shows on your face, ppl around u will ask, ‘hepi nmpk. ade pape ke?’ it juz shows dat when u’re happy there must b a reason behind it. mayb u juz succeed in sumthin dat u do, mayb u juz get a payrise, mayb your luvone juz did sumthin to woo u, etc etc. there’s a whole world of reasons 2 make u smile out there.

but do u rely need reasons 2 feel happy? do u rely need a cause 2 smile? can’t u juz b happy n smile 4 no apparent reason? there’s nuthin wrong wif dat doesn’t it? mayb u can juz b happy 4 d sake of others. coz being happy is very infectious. if 1 person in your circle of clique is happy no doubt he/she will infect u wif her happy syndrome. n its better 2 contaminate ppl around u wif happiness rather than gloominess isn’t it. it’s better 2 make others smile rather than sulk rite?

but wat if u dun hv reasons 2 smile, 2 b happy u say? dats bullshit. evrybody got evry simple reason 2 smile, 2 feel happy, 2 b thankful. if your life sucks, there’s others out there who’s life crappier than urs. b thankful 4 dat. If u dun hv dis, b glad dat u still hv dat. if u dun hv dis sumone, b appreciative dat u still hv others. if u’re not there, b grateful dat at least u’re still here. juz bear in mind dat senyum itu antara pahala plg mudah utk kita dpt. u smile, u get ur pahala. its as simple as dat. juz wif a simple smile u’ll brightened d world around u. u dun need reason 2 b happy. u juz need a will 2 b one. :-)

“Why do u need reason to feel happy,
Or shining for d rest of d world,
Give me just a smile n would u make it snappy,
Get your s**t together girl.”

The Girl in the Dirty Shirt – Oasis

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