Monday, December 20, 2010


One word.


Halie's Birthday

Love u too my dear niece. Yesterday, today n many, many birthdays after. Ur gonna alwiz own a special place in my heart. Dont ever doubt it. <3

Notakaki: Happy Birthday Me :)

ye sangat la 7.. hehe.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mari-mari beli product saya!!

Halita is the first scientifically developed treatment for the control of oral halitosis. Its objective is to treat bad breath from its origin.

- Eliminates bacteria responsible for bad breath from the tongue surface.
- Neutralizes and reduces bad odour gases produced by the above mentioned bacteria

For a thorough treatment of bad breath, it is ideal to complement the Halita toothpaste with Halita mouthwash. Their components are scientifically endorsed to control oral halitosis.

Gargle Halita mouthwash 15 ml trice a day (morning and evening), for one minute. It is preferable to rinse after using Halita tongue cleaner to keep a proper hygiene of the tongue.

Halita FORTE Spray and Halita Spray DOES NOT temporarily hide bad odour. It goes beyond that: it eliminates it.

Its pocket size and friendly use is ideal for those who wish to use it when away from home. With Halita Spray range you can enjoy fresh breath all day long.


- Take good care of your oral hygiene using the proper toothbrush and carrying out an optimal cleaning of the interdental spaces. The oral hygiene is a priority. This is why we recommend the use of the Halita tongue cleaner. Also, regular professional hygiene will help you keep your mouth clean and healthy.
- Drink enough water, particularly between meals. Some factors might dry your mouth favouring the outcome of halitosis: sleep (morning halitosis), breath through your mouth, snore, tobacco, certain drugs (antidepressant, antihistaminic, antihypertensive), and stress, talk a lot, intense exercise…
- Control your consumption of tobacco, coffee and alcohol.
- Reduce the consumption of garlic, onion, species…
- Avoid long periods of fast, reducing the intervals between meals.

Walaweyh. I have a professional oral-hygiene products of my own tu. Korang ada? Huhu.

Source: Dentaid