Friday, December 14, 2007

A quarter of a century..

another year has come & gone. another number will be added to my age. in a couple of days i will officially be a quarter of a century old. pejam celik pejam celik dh nk msuk 25 taun idup kt muka bumi ni.

so wat have i accomplish in my 25 years of age so far?

hmm lets see, i learned 2 walk, talk, clean after myself. done kindergarten (where i learned d art of friendship n met my 1st crush at d tender age of 6). then primary school (excelled my upsr, met another crush). finish high school (sat 4 pmr then spm, met another crush, n another.. n another). went to uitm, graduated (fell in luv, broke my heart). hopped from 1 job 2 another. hated 1 boss then another..

well i finally found a proper job now. a job dat i luv. n no i did not hate my current boss. so dat means my last year resolution 2 find me a better job was accomplished. i moved to kl 4 my job. start a brand new life in dis hectic city. met new people. make new friends. see new things. experience new adventure. (maybe find new luv, perhaps? nah!).

do miss my family sometimes. n my babies. a lot. well, life goes on. but life here is pretty bearable. i finally be closer to my fav niece again (who's like a sis 2 me). made a couple of awesome friends (absolutely luv them)... n i met someone. indirectly. (nope he's not a boyfriend if anybody's wondering). but he's kinda special in his own unique way. he makes me realized things i'm never aware of b4. he makes me do things i never think of doing b4. he makes me hope n wish 4 d impossible. he makes me see life from a different perspective. 2 make it short, he has made me a better person. n weird enuff, he himself has no idea dat he had done all of dat 2 me. yes he did pissed me off sometimes but it didnt matter coz i adore dat man so much. (n if u're wondering again, yea he's cute n he does possess gud bf/hubby qualities). to MAD (if somehow miracle happened n u'll be reading dis), i hope u will meet ur dream gal, d one u've been searching high n low. n i really hope dat she's worthy of u coz u're one hell of a guy. after everythings dat u've experienced, u deserve only d best. n its a pleasure knowing u. o yea, n sori 4 my previous post (in another blog) where i vented my frustration on u (well u asked 4 it). i'm over dat (i think). hee.

apart from dat, i'm still d same old same old me. not much have changed since high school (except 4 my body size of coz, which will be my new year resolution; 2 lose weight! mari kita berusaha!) i still havent met my other half (could dis be another new year resolution? 2 find one?). nah, i'm gonna left dis matter in d hand of YANG MAHA MENGETAHUI. i believe my missing half will find his way 2 me sooner or later. i'm not gonna kid myself n say dat i never given thought on dis thing coz i did but it's not bcoz i'm desperate 2 get married or anything but more bcoz of d pressure surrounding me. i.e most of my friends either getting married or already married n expecting their own minis. n people around keep asking d 'FAQ' question, 'ko bila plak?' 2 be honest i now have made up some pretty interesting answers 2 dat Q ;)
personally, i dont think i'm ready 4 it yet. theres so much more dat i need 2 do/achieve b4 i settle down. 4 me now, my family is my no 1 priority. my social life can wait. i may be alone, but i'm sure isnt lonely (theres a different 2 dat). coz i'm bless wif a bunch of people who love me unconditionally n i'm really thankful 4 dat. n i'm thankful 4 my life too. coz my life is pretty fair 2 me. i had my fair share of ups n downs but dats wat life is all about isnt it. u have 2 be thankful n grateful 4 every lil things coz if u dont know how 2 do dat then u will never learn 2 enjoy ur life. our life is short friends. we only have one shot so make d most of it. stop saying dat life sucks n try 2 focus on d best part of it. u'll feel better u'll see.

enuff now. i'm gonna go n enjoy my few last days as a 24-years old. hopefully there's some memorable one in store 4 me.

ciao people! see u when i turn 25!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Spirit-Lifter

a kind soul send me dis email some days back. i'm so thankful 4 it coz dis email shone some light 2 my overall gloomy day. its juz a normal 4ward email but somehow its juz wat i needed. some sort of spirit lifter. something 2 make me feel gud about myself. n something 4 me 2 ponder n be grateful 4..

** Perkara yang anda tak perasan atau saja tak perperasaan....

1. Sekurang-kurangnya ada 5 orang dalam dunia ini menyayangi anda dan sanggup mati kerana anda.

2. Sekurang-kurangnya ada 15 orang dalam dunia ini menyayangi anda dalam beberapa cara.

3. Sebab utama seseorang membenci anda adalah kerana dia ingin menjadi seperti anda.

4. Senyuman daripada anda boleh membawa kebahagiaan kepada seseorang walaupun dia tidak menyukai anda.

5. Setiap malam ada seseorang mengingati anda sebelum dia tidur.

6. Anda amat bermakna dalam hidup seseorang.

7. Kalau bukan kerana anda, seseorang itu tidak akan hidup bahagia.

8. Anda seorang yang istimewa dan unik.

9. Seseorang yang anda tidak ketahui menyayangi anda.

10. Apabila anda membuat kesilapan yang sangat besar, ada hikmah disebaliknya.

11. Sekiranya anda merasakan anda dipinggirkan, fikirlah semula; mungkin anda yang meminggirkan mereka.

12. Apabila anda terfikir anda tidak mempunyai peluang untuk mendapatkan sesuatu yang anda ingini, mungkin anda tidak akan memperolehinya, tetapi sekiranya anda percaya pada diri sendiri lambat-laun anda akan memperolehinya.

13. Kenangilah segala pujian yang anda terima. Lupakan segala maki hamun, caci & cela.

14. Jangan takut untuk meluahkan perasaan anda; anda akan merasa senang bila seseorang mengetahuinya.

15. Sekiranya anda mempunyai sahabat baik, ambillah masa untuk memberitahunya yang dia adalah yang terbaik. Hanya seminit diperlukan untuk mendapat sahabat baik, sejam untuk menghargainya, sehari untuk menyayanginya, tapi sepanjang hidup untuk melupakannya.

... we do take things 4 granted sometimes...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Runaway Bride - a not-making-sense tale

last nite i had a weird n outrageous dream. i dreamed dat i was about to get married. dis may sound fairly normal but wait till u hear d rest of d story. without further ado, let me take u in a journey into my dream..

d location n background of dis dream was my house back in my hometown. it was d eve of my wedding day (in d dream not real life) n i was experiencing all of those feelings n emotions dat a bride-2-be usually felt (i assumed of coz since i never been a bride myself). u nou, all those anxiousness, nervousness n feeling of doubt. being in dat state of mind, i'm obsessing 2 juz about everything. obsessing about my hair being 2 short 4 a bride; where in real life i never had hair dat short (i cant pull d mia farrow look wif me being too chubby), obsessing about d fact dat none of my friends are gonna be there 4 my wedding bcoz they dont even nou dat i'm getting married (d wedding was such an abrupt decission, in fact it only took a week to plan), d fact dat i hate my wedding dress (it was bright PINK 4 god sake!), n also d fact dat d caterers plan 2 serve d guests roti canai n nasi lemak (wat is dis? a breakfast buffet?).

n somewhere between all those obsessing, i got an sms from a stranger saying dat he (i assumed its a 'he') want 2 berkenalan wif me. now, who in their rite mind would want 2 berkenalan wif a bride-2-be on d eve of her wedding day? ridiculous! somehow it turned out dat d wedding itself was actually a plan marriage n i kinda hate d groom (who turned out 2 be an x-crush who in real life is blissfully in luv wif another girl).

2 make matters worst, on d morning of my wedding day my parents decided it was a gud time 2 tell me some shocking revelation dat, check dis, i actually am not their biological child (what??!). there's some sort of scandal involved but i'm not going 2 elaborate on dat. n suddenly i realized dat i couldnt take all dis anymore n i'm having cold feet n i dont wanna be married 2 sumone dat i dont luv so i did d 1st thing dat came 2 my mind. i decided 2 run away.

i told my mom dat i was going 2 d cemetery (now, wat bride goes 2 visit d graveyard on d morning of her wedding day?) but my mom said yes (again now, wat mom lets her about-2-get-married daughter visit d graveyard on d morning of her wedding day?). o yea, it also turned out dat d cemetery is situated juz in our backyard. of coz we dont have a cemetery in our backyard (lombong ada la). so i run away (not 2 d cemetery of coz). n guess wat mean of transportation did i use 2 escape? a bicycle! can u believe it? of all d vast number of modern day transportation i had 2 escape on a bicycle? dis dream must be kidding me! thanks 2 dat darn bicycle i almost got caught by my family who were chasing me by cars (dis is so not fair!). so wat a bride on a bicycle got 2 do? go hide somewhere of coz.

n while i was hiding, out of nowhere came a gang of mob who tried 2 harass n hit on me at d same time. to make d dream more absurd, d leader of d gang turned out 2 be my uncle who's married wif 4 kids. somehow i end up lecturing my uncle dat he of all people shouldnt supposed 2 mengorat his own niece when he already got children as old as me. he broke down n cried (gosh, i made my stoic uncle cried.. dis is an achievement!). after successfully bringing d gang of mob kembali ke pangkal jalan i continued my journey.

i end up at a gas station. my beloved bicycle by now had mysteriously transformed into a 4-wheel drive (d magic of dreams..). as i was about 2 enter d car, another car stop across 2 mine n out came none other than d hated groom himself. it turned out (sorry so many 'turned outs') dat he too was escaping d wedding bcoz he too dont want 2 be stuck married 2 me (dat part did hurt a bit tho). as i was trying 2 make sense of our situation, i heard d familiar sound of my alarm clock n i was transported back 2 where my journey 1st started. my bed. hence d end or d absolutely senseless dream.

honestly, dat was one heck of a dream. insane yet enjoyable (at least 2 me). i woke up feeling like i havent gone 2 bed at all. i have 2 say dat dream sure qualifies 2 be one of d most absurd dreams dat i ever had (among them includes one of me being chased by a dinosaur while wearing a puteri gunung ledang-like outfit with a santana song playing in d background.. go figure).

so, anyone who CARE 2 interpret my dream feel free 2 hit me back.


Friday, December 7, 2007

Me? A cheerleader?!!

a gud friend of mine recently told me dis, 'u nou wat? u're everyone's cheerleader' after i've been there 4 him in one of his many 'down' times. n dat statement made me thinks whether dats actually a gud thing or a bad thing...

wat exactly is a cheerleader? according to d dictionary, a cheerleader is a person who leads spectators in traditional or formal cheering esp. at a pep rally or athletic event or an enthusiastic and vocal supporter or sumone who expresses or promotes thoughtless praise; an adulator.

so am i really a cheerleader? as far as i nou, i dont have d look nor d body nor d move nor d sexiness nor d attitude dat qualifies one as a cheerleader. i've never ever even held a pom-pom all my life. but if base on d definition above, maybe i've been a 'cheerleader' more than once in my life. not in d miniskirts n pom-poms kinda way of course but more 2ward d cheering-for-people-who-really-need-cheering kinda way. i've cheered 4 a bunch of people all my life whether its family or friends. i made some gud friends along d way. n it sure did improved my relationship wif some of them too.

but life as a cheerleader is not all fame n glory. more than once between all those cheering, jumping, cartwheeling, n backflipping, u will trip n fall. not everyone loves a cheerleader. in some places in d world, cheerleaders are even rated one of d most hated human beings on d face of earth. some people thinks dat d act of a cherleader is revolting, nauseating, sickening n loathsome. personally, i faced my own obstacles as a 'cheerleader' countless times. i've been chastised, despised, scorned and loathed by some bcoz they thought i'm juz meddling n interfering in sumone else life. god knows i only do dis bcoz i CARE (do they even nou d meaning of dat word?). but its no point in clearing d air to those people. u cant make everyone luv u rite? they can critized me all they want. as long as i nou i'm doing d rite thing and no soul was harm in d process then i'm all gud. plus d number of friendships dat i made overruled d number of haters dat i unintentionally made.

yet sometime, being a 'cheerleader' is tiring me up. dont get me wrong. i'm not saying i hate doing all dis but its juz dat sometime cheering 4 others makes me forget 2 cheer 4 myself. it also makes me wonder, if i'm everyone's cheerleader then whose mine? no doubt my mom is my ultimate cheerleader but other than family who is/are mine? would any of those people i cheered 4 will cheer 4 me back? i know a couple of them would never think twice of cheering 4 me. but wat u really wanna nou is whether they are ur cheerleader only in victory time or are they willing 2 cheer 4 u even if u lose. n a cheerleader who cheers 4 d loser is much more worthy than d one cheering only if u score.. hmm...

now who's UR cheerleader?

think about dat.

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("doesnt dat skinny guy remind u of sumone?" said me 2 myself. hihi)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


sms-es, text messages, instant messages, emails, n all dat yg swaktu dgnnya are a very frustrating things. ever xperience a time when all u did was innocently send sumthin wif an equally innocent intention only to be misunderstood? well, dats wat happened 2 me 2day n many countless times b4.

since u dont communicate wif d person directly u tend 2 get misinterpreted quite easily. wat wif d absent of facial xpression n voice intonation. those simple things can do a lot 2 ur conversation. d person on d receiving end would not nou wat kind of intention u're sending d text 4 n would interpret it however they want 2. unfortunately sumtime their interpretation did not tally wif d one u had in mind.

juz a simple word like 'wei' can be interpret in many ways in text. it can be interpret as 'hey' (nicey friendly flirty way) or 'woi' (how-dare-u-mess-wif-me way). imagine saying it face 2 face. u can smile at d end of d word if u intend it 2 be a nice greeting or yell d word if u want 2 piss off dat sumone.

dats one of d reason i like 2 insert a 'haha' or 'hehe' or 'huhu' or 'uhuk2' or 'ahak2' or 'kuikui' or 'waarrghh2' or a simple smiley in my text so dat receiving person would nou im joking or kidding around. n i also like to include words like 'sigh', 'wink wink', 'sob sob', 'hint hint', etc somewhere along d way so dat they have ideas wat my intention is.

but once in a while, u still got misinterpreted no matter how much thought u put in composing ur text. n all of a sudden u find urself a victim of an abusing text when dat 'misterpreter' (bless them) replied back. n u're left thinking ''ok dats it! i swear im not gonna sms/email anybody EVER!'' ... but dat pledge only lasted a couple of seconds b4 ur lovable phone/pc started beeping announcing ' 1 new message' or ' u got a new mail'. n u'll find urself being drag back into d cruel, cruel world of tecnology... aaahhh how i miss d gud ol' days when all of dis weird inventions havent yet existed... (sigh).

kay, enuff membebel 4 now.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Introducing.... ME!

greetings everyone,

welcome 2 my 1st official blog entry. im quite new here. yea i nou, im a bit behind but better late than never rite?

well, let me introduce myself 2 those who havent nou me yet. my name's halie (d 1st name im given when i was 1st born into dis beautiful yet cruel world), then im called umi (dont ask, but if u've watched dat p. ramlee's film ahmad albab u may get some ideas why my family changed my nickname). my bro n sis call me kakak. in school/college/workplace im halita/ita 2 my frens n colleagues. and i also got an assortments of other names thrown affectionately in my way by those luvly people in my life. :)

personally, i wish my name was angelina jolie or sumthin (yea keep on dreaming). haha. unfortunately, i dont look anythin like her tho (sigh). neway, wat im trying 2 say is dat im a person wif a lot of names (so does my personality), so u can call me any of d above or anythin else u would like 2 call me as long as its decent (dats a warning!).

i've described a lil bit of wat im like in person in d 'about me' column so u juz check dat one up. im here 2 make frens not enemy. god knows we had our fair share of dat in our life (people who left d toilet seat up, people who smoke in public, paris hilton, etc etc). im here 2 meet new people/old acquaintances n hopefully add a new colour 2 ur already colourful world.

i think dats basically it 4 my 1st entry. till next time.


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