Monday, December 19, 2011

29 years ago.. (or sometime around that)..

On your Way to Your Birthday on 19 December 1982:
You were born on Sunday on 19 December 1982 and you think this is your oldest day of your life history but you are sadly wrong. Let's surprise you:

12 February 1982, Friday, (Your birthday -310 days):
On 12 February 1982, Friday, your father has produced the semen that will be half of you soon. He produced 1000 sperms every second of his life and you will be be lucky one out of 500 million sperm he sent on their way in the conceivement. You may find interesting to know that if he had drunk (or not drunk) coffee on this Friday morning, you might born completely as someone else (for instance in the opposite sex) as caffeine changes the speed of male sperms.

27 February 1982, Saturday (Your birthday -295 days):
Today your mother ad her last menstrual cycle and started building up the egg, that will be the other half of you. After today, she will not have this cycle again for a very long time (thanks to you!). She spent Saturday as moody, anxious, short-tempered and you should be glad, you were not around her that day!

14 March 1982, Sunday (Your birthday -280 days):
Your mother's egg is ready to build the other half of you and your father and your mother got together to make you. But there is still no "you" around so don't get excited much. It can take several hours for your father's sperm to reach your mother's egg and now it is just on its way out.

15 March 1982, Monday (Your birthday -279 days):
Out of 500 million sperm on their way to your mother's egg, the sperm which built you has won the race by coming first and the sperm and the egg is became one to make your very first cell. Do you see how lucky your half (the sperm) be by winning coming up first among 500 million other rivals? Never tell you are not lucky anymore!

We can call Monday, 15 March 1982 as your "first day alive" because this is when you are a living entity, an embryo, congratulations! Although you are just a 1 cell creature today your unique DNA is also formed so your future destiny like your sex, height, physical appearance, intelligence, characteristic and vulnerability to certain diseases is already been determined.

29 March 1982, Monday (Your birthday -265 days):
If your mother is an intelligent women, she would have suspected that she is pregnant at 29 March 1982, Monday. She is not very sure yet but she is suspicious. We hope she was excited and joyed, not worried.

5 April 1982, Monday (Your birthday -258 days):
Today your mother is telling your father about her pregnancy and he is celebrating to be a daddy! Day 5 April 1982, Monday is also important in that, your heart has pumped for the first time today. We don't know if it is a coincidence that your father learned about you in the very day, your heart first pumped!

19 December 1982, Sunday(Your birthday):
You are born to a cruel world. Happy birthday little buddy! We hope you remember to enjoy your life which was a big journey from day minus 310 to today.

Born 19 December 1982?: Here is some interesting in your life:

Your lucky days are Sunday (Conceivement date, You were born) and Monday (Your first cell is built, Your mother suspects she is pregnant, Your heart beat for the first time).

If your hair were never cut since 19 December 1982, it would be 4.226 m. today.

If your nails were never cut since 19 December 1982, they would be 1.049 m. today.

An apple tree seeded on 19 December 1982, bore 2,575.429 kg. apple till today. Its contribution to economy is $10,276.0 and it fed 4,321 people. We hope that in your life you, as a human being, achieved more than that poor apple tree.

Notakaki: A little bengong2 but good to know though. Hehe.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

This one for you my precious..

exactly one year ago to this day..

and a year later..

dah boleh drive keta dah. how time flies. :)

May all the best in life, my baby,
Enrich your future way,
Adventure and good fortune, too,
Bring joy to you each day.

Because today's your 1st Birthday
And you're so special too,
Everything that is nice and happy,
Is being wished for you.

Happy 1st Birthday Ameen Haiqal my dear godson. Even though you did not come from my own womb but I already fiercely love you like my own flesh and blood. Happy one, Honey Bun!

Hugs n Kisses. <3 <3 <3