Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A breath of fresh air.. maybe..

On the surface, it may looks like I haven't been putting enough efforts in publishing more blog entries but the the truth is I actually have. I've been writing a couples of new entries here and there in between the entries that I actually posted. It's just that all those entries are not publish for the public but to remain a feast for my own eyes only.

I'm a girl (woman? lady?) who have a lot of suppressed feelings and emotions inside of her. Things that sometimes are better known only by me, myself and I only. Things that I'm not comfortable sharing with just anybody. But if those kind of things are kept bubbling inside of oneself any longer one may not have the strength to keep it all lock down. One may need to find a way to express or project it all out. To find an outlet to channel all those emotions out in order for one to keep her sanity intact.

How to express your feelings but at the same time you don't want anybody to know what you're going through? Well, you write everything you're experiencing on your blog and not publish it to others eyes. At least that was what I did. At least that what's keeping me going all these days. Hey, what works for one doesn't necessarily works for others right?

But not having the pleasure of getting feedbacks from what you're expressing may be frustrating at time. No doubt it would be nice to hear others advices, opinions, perspectives and looks on things. But how do you still could get feedbacks but at the same time you don't want people to know what you're going through? At least people who knew you personally. Cause admit it, people like to judge. People tend to make abrupt assumptions. And it will be so much harsher and crueler if the people judging and assuming you is somebody you personally knew. And also admit it, nobody likes to be judged and feel belittled.

So how can you do that? How do you let everythings out yet not let anybody who matters to you know about it? Maybe I could start new. Maybe I could start another blog and be all anonymous there and nobody could tell it was me. Maybe by doing that I could pour my heart out but not worry what others will think of me since they didn't know me personally. Maybe through that I could still keep my love of writing and let my feelings known without any unneeded barriers. Could I maybe? Maybe. Maybe.. Just maybe..