Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Y Do U Need A Reason To Feel Happy..

evry now n then when u feel happy n it shows on your face, ppl around u will ask, ‘hepi nmpk. ade pape ke?’ it juz shows dat when u’re happy there must b a reason behind it. mayb u juz succeed in sumthin dat u do, mayb u juz get a payrise, mayb your luvone juz did sumthin to woo u, etc etc. there’s a whole world of reasons 2 make u smile out there.

but do u rely need reasons 2 feel happy? do u rely need a cause 2 smile? can’t u juz b happy n smile 4 no apparent reason? there’s nuthin wrong wif dat doesn’t it? mayb u can juz b happy 4 d sake of others. coz being happy is very infectious. if 1 person in your circle of clique is happy no doubt he/she will infect u wif her happy syndrome. n its better 2 contaminate ppl around u wif happiness rather than gloominess isn’t it. it’s better 2 make others smile rather than sulk rite?

but wat if u dun hv reasons 2 smile, 2 b happy u say? dats bullshit. evrybody got evry simple reason 2 smile, 2 feel happy, 2 b thankful. if your life sucks, there’s others out there who’s life crappier than urs. b thankful 4 dat. If u dun hv dis, b glad dat u still hv dat. if u dun hv dis sumone, b appreciative dat u still hv others. if u’re not there, b grateful dat at least u’re still here. juz bear in mind dat senyum itu antara pahala plg mudah utk kita dpt. u smile, u get ur pahala. its as simple as dat. juz wif a simple smile u’ll brightened d world around u. u dun need reason 2 b happy. u juz need a will 2 b one. :-)

“Why do u need reason to feel happy,
Or shining for d rest of d world,
Give me just a smile n would u make it snappy,
Get your s**t together girl.”

The Girl in the Dirty Shirt – Oasis

(^_~) (n_n) (^_^)


TeIyA DrUmzAdDiCt said...

AGREED!! lol I'm happy I'm smiling..coz i just say my hubby on tv.. hahahaha

Halie said...

haha. on AIM ek? both andy n rudy got d chance 2 b on stage. when la dino gonna get his chance. he will 1 day. i hv faith in dat. haha. tungguuuuu....

rai[N]y_riN said... late...hahaha...yahh...both our hubby and his bro make it on the's yours la sis...hahahah...never mind...keep supporting him till he get the stage and even the award yahh...rawk on!!!...ngeh3..

Halie said...

i hope i'm still alive by then. hoho! cam xde keyakinan je kt die. haha. jgn mara aa..