Monday, February 23, 2009


things r gettin weirder n weirder on this side
n things r getting weirder n weirder on the other side too
i thought i finally found my answers
n my way out of this
guess i was wrong
i didnt juz not get any answers
but things r gettin more messed up day by day
i donno wats happening here
i donno wat is God's plan for me
i'm more frustrated n confused of this situation now than ever
i'm desperate to escape from here
i need to get myself away from all this confusion
i cant stay in this anymore
i'm not strong enough to go on
i've been on this road to nowhere forever
i need to find the exit
i'm tired of embarking on this journey
i wanna stop
but i donno how
y give me hopes
only to crush me in the end
i'm tired of all this
i'm really, really tired
please get me outta here
i cant go on anymore
i have to get on with my life at some point
i need to try n open my heart for another journey
but i cant do that when i'm stuck here without any mean of escape
without any mean of closure
if there's no future for me here
please get me away from this
give me that closure i'm longing for
coz i dont wanna wait no more
all this is killin me
it's draining me inside out
i had enough
i'm done
am i really?
who am i kidding..