Monday, January 14, 2008

Nu Year's Raving..

elloo people!!

we meet again in a brand nu post, on a brand nu day, of a brand nu year. its been quite some time since my last post. been busy lately. wat wif a nu semester starting, have 2 make sure dat d labs r in gud condition, all d equipments functioning, n more n more nu weird equipments arriving (all of which confused d h*** out of me). starting dis year also, utar will be implementing “five-day work week” meaning no more working saturdays. woohoo! unless its overtime which can be claim so i'm not complaining.

on d downside, we (d labs slave) now have 2 start wearing uniforms, for safety reason they said. personally i think they juz dont want us 2 be mistaken as d lecturers (jeles la tu) coz most of us (d girls especially) melaram dgn jayanya 2 work daily. u cant blame us 4 trying 2 look gud 4 public eyes can u? back 2 d uniform, did i mention d uniform's hideous? it is. let me describe it 4 u. it consists of a shirt n a pant. d shirt is grey in color (grey?) i mean they can choose blue or brown but they have 2 choose grey didn't they? d pants' blue black (sbijik cam sluar bebdk skolah rendah) n its d men design. u nou how men pants differ from women pants. while d women pants usually bigger in d bottom part of d pants, d men pants bigger in d top parts. so unflattering. it juz make ur thighs n behind look bigger. n 2 top it all, it is made from materials dat make u feel like u've been encased wif a portable sauna all day long. but surprisingly, my boss was being very cool about it. d 1st thing he said 2 me when i got back from collecting d uniform was " wat stupid uniform did they gave u? dont wear, dont wear!" haha. bgus btul my boss. cyg mr. ho. huhu.

last week has been very stressful 4 me tho. i've been tangled up in some sort of dilemma regarding my future. i've been offered a very tempting yet risky proposal from a (thoughtful?) hamba Allah who said he/she is juz suggesting dis bcoz he/she juz want us 2 have a successful life in d future. after much thinking, deliberating, weighing n brainstorming (wif a couple of headache thrown in d way), i finally decided dat unfortunately i had 2 turn down d offer. i mean there's a lot of risks involved n so many things at stake here. i also took into consideration some advices from people dat matters. n deep down i juz dont have a good feeling about all dis. of coz i have 2 go n trust my instinct.

but by turning it down i might have jeopardized my relationship wif dis person but as a defend 2 myself, dis is regarding my future. i repeat MY future! not his/hers or others. MINE. n at d end of d day, i'm d one who will take responsibilies of every single action of mine. not him/her. n dis offer is juz suicide. i'm not gonna risk my future on something dat seem so far-fetched 2 d mind. if he/she is really thinking of my wellbeings, he/she will understand instead of threatening me in 'dat' way of him/hers. also, he/she will not be willing 2 end our longtime friendship juz bcoz i refused 2 go his/her way. wat's fair in dat? watever it is i juz dont give a d*** coz i nou i'm making d rite decision n if he/she cant see dat well d h*** wif him/her. i juz cant be bothered by someone who is so self-centered as dat. n if he/she dont wanna be associated wif me anymore juz bcoz of some stupid things as dis then dats his/her lost not mine. (yes i'm mad! seriously mad at dis makhluk).

enuff of dat. (dont wanna ruin my mood wif d stupid thing). last nite i went 2 d 8tv rockin bday concert. it was a BLAST! had d chance 2 see che'nelle (i fell in luv wif d dj), hujan (hujan best! was singing along wif them thruout their performance.. n so does d crowd!), meet uncle hussain (lalalala), bittersweet (anak cik dayang), faizal tahir (bukak baju satu2, then baling 2 d crowd until he's topless. dh mcm tiger show plak), suki oiam, jaclyn victor, n d 8tv quickie hosts. but sadly, due 2 our lateness, i missed d performance of d one n only band dat i long 2 see. pop shuvit (they was d opening act). waaa sedey! i wanna see rudy abusing d drumset! sob sob.

nonetheless, on dis 24th my other fav drummer boy, dino n d cannon boys will be performing at laundry d curve 4 d campurchart. i dont think i'm gonna be there tho. i mean me in a place like dat would be so weird. dont wori guys i'm still gonna support u from far. n on d 27th my other fav drummer (n bro 2 d other two), andy n his band estranged will be rockin d AJL stage in d pop rock category. itu kamu best! (i'm writing mcm la all dis band read my blog) x kisah la kn, nothin can stop me from supporting my fav drummer trio till d end. azlan, azril, azwin rocks!

fuh!! x ingat dunia aku menaip. maklum la lame x post. lpas gian la katekn. better stop now coz its lunch time! lapar giler ni. wanna go n attack any places wif foods. sila gerun ye wahai pmilik2 gerai mkn skalian. muahahaha!!

me out!!


rai[N]y_riN said...

heyhey....i never thought you will hit the concert...i thought you wont join it..wahhh...lepas ni bleh ajak you pegi concert
yahh...azlan,azril,and my lovely azwin(perasan.haha..)mmg rock..(tak lupa juga kepada incik MALIK.haha..).keep on drumming and rock on!!yahh....
(are we the only fans who called them with that name?mcm tak rock je nama2 tu..hahaha....)

Halie said...

acttly, i've been dragged there by my no-nonsense niece. tpakse la ikot xkn nk biar die gi sorg2. bahaya oo. hehe.

but not all kinda concert i will go la. depend on d venue n type of concert. like dis one 8tv bday concert so lbih kurang cam jom heboh gk la. bley la gi. kalu cam rock d world tu kena think twice dulu. hehe.

rai[N]y_riN said...

yahh..this year i plak nak dragg u...haha...takkan kamu mahu mmbiarkan ku pagi sendirian kan....hehehe...aiyyooo..bila la dpt gagaga bersame2 club members yg lain...huhu...