Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hope n dream: d insanely impossible desire of mine

hey there all u beautiful ppl!! been a while since i last membebel here. dunno wut 2 write la. dun feel like writing bout everyday life like sum ppl do (no offense 2 dis kinda peeps. hey its individual choice isnt it). i only write when i got sumthin 2 share (either gud or bad) or sum unresolved issues i need 2 let go, well depend on d mood la.

dis time i wanna talk bout fate n wut God has in store 4 us. as a muslim we r taught 2 accept fate as it is. coz evrythin happen 4 a reason. stiap yg blaku ade hikmahnya. but we’re still encourage 2 pray for our fates n future or wateve we wish 4 in our lives. dats wut i alwiz do. pray dat Allah will give me d future dat i hope for n pray 4 His guidance in evrythin dat i do. ok there’s dis wish dat i’ve been praying 4, 4 quite sum time. i sumhow hv set my heart on sumthin/sumone (u guess wut 4 urself). i dunno how dis happen, when it happen but wut i nou is dat its a feeling dat i’ve nvr xperience ever in my life b4. my intuition is so strong bout it dat sumtime it scares d light out of me coz d truth is wat i’m feeling is sumthin dat is so impossible n laughable 2 d masses. but deep down my hard-headed heart juz wont accept dat fact n still continue 2 believe dat there’s nuthin impossible in dis world as long as God permitted it 2 happen.

so i did wut i do best. pray 4 guidance. wat i’ve been praying is i hope God will show me whether wat i’m feelin is rite or wrong. if its rite i hope dat He will open a way 4 me 2 achieve it n if its not i pray dat He will close my heart n steer me far away frm it. but wat happen 2 me is still hard 4 me 2 believe. almoz evry wish dat i pray 4 in dis case is granted by Him. although lotsa things happenned dat make me wanna give up on dis hope but alwiz He will show a way dat make me keep my faith in it. i rely dun hv any ideas wut He has in store 4 me. now dat hope still seems far-fetched 2 me but ironically i nvr give up on it. i still harbour faith dat sumhow, sumday dis dream will b a reality.

u must rely wanna nou wut my dream rely is mustn’t u? i’m afraid i cant tell u bout it. coz if i tell u i’m sure u will end up rolling n laughing on d floor coz wut i hope 4 is sumthin dat is so preposterous 2 evrybody except me. wut keep me believing in my dream is dat sumhow God seem 2 kinda bless my dream (mebbe it juz me yg prasan but still..) coz evrytime i feel like giving up He keep on creating hope n faith in me in evry lil things dat happenned in my life. when i pray so dat He will keep me away frm my dream, he will make a way so dat i’m closer 2 it. When i tot i had lost all hope in it He will amazingly create a way 2 keep d fire in my faith burning. how chould i not trust in Him, in my dream, u tell me? dats wut keep troubling my mind everyday until now. whther i shud follow my heart n keep believing dat one day my dream will come true although it seem so ridiculously insane or shud i juz give up all hopes n concentrate on sumthin dat is more possible 2 achieve. waddya think?


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