Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm the ultimate 'B' word..

The I'm-so-bored-i-could-gag Quiz

1) Q:What is your age?
A:25-30 years old

2) Q:What is your gender?

3) Q:Is this the 1st quiz u took today?
A:Nope, i've been doing this all day

4) Q:Do u like monkeys?
A:What monkeys got to do with this quiz?

5) Q:Are u social?
A:I wish

6) Q:Do u think there are goats in Russia?
A:How should i know?

7) Q:Guitars are cool..
A:dun dun dun bweeeennnnn...

8) Q:Why did u take this quiz?
A:Why did u make this quiz?

9) Q:Is this Question #9?
A:This a trick question..

10) Q:At this minute, what would you like to do the most?
A:Strangle the person who made this quiz. That would really cure my boredom.

11) Q:What would you say if somebody started to mug you right now?
A:Hello! How are you? Will you be my friend? Or just talk to me for a while? Please?

12) Q:yes or no?
A:yes. no. maybe..

13) Q:are u bored?
A:Maybe.. but if i say i'm bored then my boss will make me clean my office or somethin so dont tell him that kay!

14) Q:Do u like being bored?
A:Absolutely LOVE it!! Would like to marry it if possible!!

15) Q:Are u so bored that u are actually taking this quiz?
A:Is that what i've been doing all this while??

16) Q:Still bored?

17) Q:How about now?
A:Can I juz kill u? Please??

18) Q:Would you say you are _______ bored than at the start of this quiz?
A:More. Kill kill! Die die!!

How bored are you?
My result: OVERLY BORED!
You are soooo bored that hitting yourself over the head with a frying pan while singing Westlife is looking more inviting by the second. Get a life!


~dARlee zURiS~ said...

boring ke cik halie??

weh si op(raja) nikah ngan anne minggu nie
saja aku nk kasi tau
aku tekejut sebenonya diorg nak nikah
lama kitorang kenal si op tu..last2 ngan anne gak jadinye

Ummibatrisya said...


boring ye, nanti akak bgtahu kat bos ye ada orang tak de keje nak buat :)

Halie said...

kak ummi- ala bgtau pn xpe. bos pon sibuk main solitaire kt opis die tu. haha. dh mmg kt cni x byk keje nk wat cam mana kn. hehe.