Thursday, January 29, 2009

'About Me'

kalu kita sign up for friendster ke, myspace ke, facebook ke, hi5 ke ape2 la msti kna isi yg part 'about me' tu. even blogger ni pon mntk describe srba sdikit perihal diri kita yg penuh misteri dan mjadi tnda tnya umum ni tol x. slalu rase lost sbb xtau cmne nk describe diri sndri. kang kalu describe yg baik2 je kang org kata prasan bgus plak n then kalu describe yg ganas2 kang org tuduh saiko plak. lain la kalu dlm job intrview kn. bila org soh 'tell me a lil bit about urself' maka mmg konfem2 la kna menjaja diri sndri dgn pnuh kyakinan dan ketakmaluan kn. kang xnk plak org tu amik kita keje plak kang.

but slh satu sbb lain mebbe gk sbb kita sndiri pon sbnanye x brapa nk paham diri kita ni cmne. yela kita mebbe prasan yg kita ni best tp org lain mgkin ada tggapan yg totally lain. but then again kalu kita nk soh org lain describe kn diri kita pn xleh gak. reason being;
1) ada kmgkinan yg besar org tsbut xkn bg jwpn yg ikhlas krana nk mjaga ati kita. ala cm x bese je org kita ni kn mmg jnis ckp btapis2 bkias2 prangainya.
2) n if by any chance org tsebut mmg jnis yg sound direct pnye n scara directnye bgtau prangai sbnar kita ni cmne maka ada kmgkinan besar plak la yg kita bakal mngajak bliau bsilat bsumo sgala bgai la plak lpas tu. again, ala cm x bese je org kita ni kn mmg jnis cpat baran n cpat mlatah prangainya.

so kalu btol2 la rase nk muhasabah diri n nk mngenali diri anda dgn lbih dkt lg maka slh salu solutionnya ialah dgn mjwp soklan2 quiz yg psl prsonality2 diri tu. pelbagai mak nenek quiz ada diluar sana. dr yg serius2 smpai la nk bleh mbuatkn kita bkata 'huh?!'. wlaupon kdg2 rase cam hampeh je telahan result quiz2 itu tp kdg2 btol gak apa yg di predict oleh mereka tu. n prsonally sang pnulis mmg sgt suka mjwp quiz2 yg x bpekdah itu. bkn skadar dpt mngetahui perihal peribadi diri malahan bguna juga buat mngisi masa senggang pabila tiada keje di opis sprti skarang ini. so mls la nk ckp byk lg korg layan je the results to the quizzes that i answered today. layaaannn...

What category of person are you?
Result: You're a normie! You're what most people would call normal, which means there shouldn't really be anything abnormal about you! You're not an outsider and are very social.
Me: duh..

Which mean girl are you? (from the movie 'Mean Girls')
Result: Gretchen ( Meaner). U know everything about everybody but might b sometimes insecure just make sure your don't spill all the secrets u know.
Me: i kinda know evrything about evrybody. what can i say. i'm a spy.

What song are you?
Result: You are "Me and You" by Kenny Chesney. You are a very romantic and caring person. Sometimes your feelings can really get to you, and you may find you have a hard time dealing with them. You don't have any problems expressing yourself at all, and that's a good thing... sometimes..
Me: actually my fav song is 'You n Me' by Lifehouse.

What Is Your Inner Animal?
Result: Butterfly. You are a free and spiritual butterfly that likes to live each day to the full and loves being a free spirit.
Me: ..spread ur wings n prepare to fly.. u will become a butterfly...

What colour best suits you?
Result: Blue. Blue is pretty mainstream. You're a pretty mellow with your down moments, but all in all you're pretty chillin ;)
Me: i'm retty chillin yo!

What Should You Have Been Called?
Result: Miley. You're Fun Loving And Have A Whole Bunch Of Friends Around You. You Like Excitement And Adventure So If There's None Of That Then You Find Some Other Way To Have A Laugh.
Me: i'm cute. i'm bubbly. i'm miley cyrus!

Whats your dream guy's name?
Result: Devon. Yea he's a cute one. You two are great together. Have fun with your Devon!
Me: i dunno any Devon. but the 1st letter of the name is correct for my dream guy. ;)

How many years till you have your first baby?
Result: 15 years. You don't even have to start thinking about your baby because you aint having it soon!
Me: with that rate i'm gonna grow old all wrinkles up alone n lonely. basketcase much?

What will be your daughter's name?
Result: Sarah. Hebrew- Meaning: The Hebrew name Sarah means - This name means "Princess." You are a very simple, practical person.
Me: u must be kidding me!! i have history with a Sarah. i surely will not associate my daughter with one thank u very much!

How good are you in bed ?
Result: A++. You're very good in bed. You know how to please someone. People that get to sleep with you are one lucky devil!
Me: Word.

last but not least n my fav so far is..

Who are you?
N the result is: You are so, so innocent! Don't worry, you'll get meaner as the years go by. People use u, and u are very reserved. you wear clothes from cheap, ugly shops and dress like a poor! god, please make an effort!! Your parents love u. u r very unhappy at times because u have no proper life to live. u break no rules and your life is realy boring. As soon as u finish reading this, leave your house, take ur parents credit card with u and go shopping!!! i want to corrupt this useless innocence of yours!! go make some friends, go live your life!! u only have one life. at school u r the best and everyone wants to copy on u.
Me: haha. i absolutely lurve this. i bet everyone who thinks cheap can also be cool ends up being "so, so innocent" too. lol. and sorry to dissapoint, but I'm oredi 26 so i've no intention of gettin any meaner than i am now! i mean dh tua2 gini nk jd lg meaner then taun bila plak nk btaubat kn. haha. ;D

stakat ini shj la dulu ye anak2. dh boring jwp quiz. nk gi mrayap ke department2 lain plak ni. bila2 kbosanan mlanda akan dsmbung blik aktvt mjwp quiz ini lg. till then hv a great day peeps!