Thursday, July 9, 2009

I know the man told us that we're not alone, but for once juz leave him alone!

Michael Jackson's daughter touched the hearts of millions when she bid a tearful farewell to her father at his memorial service in a rare public appearance. But some deluded minds still can find rotten things to say about that.

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Paris Jackson’s Speech Was NOT Scripted

Michael Jackson’s 11-year-old daughter Paris Katherine Jackson spoke briefly at the public memorial on Tuesday (July 7) and some have accused the family of coaching the girl to say what she did about her dad.

Although Paris’ speech was brief, it was emotional, and I, personally, do not think it was scripted.

According to Rev. Al Sharpton, Paris’ speech was impromtu:

“That touched everyone. And I think you couldn’t script that. She’s not reading a prompter,” he told CNN’s Larry King on Tuesday night. “This is a young lady — in fact, if you saw it, they had really said they wanted Janet Jackson to speak. And Janet kind of brought her forward. And she spoke from the heart about her father. I think she’s worried [about] the whole world [understanding] how human Michael Jackson was.”

I don’t think there is anything wrong with letting a child speak out about their parent who has passed away, if that is what the child wants to do. It’s OK for them to express their grief any way that they feel comfortable with. Perhaps Paris has read or heard some of the negative things written/said about her dad, and maybe speaking out was her way to let the public know that Michael was a good dad. Maybe that was very important to her. I think denying a child their need/want to express something about a loved one, particularly a parent, who has died is more damaging to their well-being.

Sure, we don’t know the Jacksons, but I seriously doubt they made Paris get up there and then had lines prepared for her. Have we become that cynical to even believe that it was?

Oh come on people! Do u have to speculate on this too? The poor child had just lost a father for heaven's sake! The one and only parent figure she had ever known. Cynical also got its boundary and this is just too much.

There was a lot of praises and good words spoken of the King of Pop from his family, friends and acquaintances during his legendary memorial service but personally to me (and many) none of them can compare to his daughter's speech because Paris' tribute cast Jackson in the one role few have experienced him as: A father.

A little girl couldn't have love her daddy more..

Btw, below are some of the praise and sweet comments dedicated to Paris Jackson for her heartbreaking speech..

-What a beautiful little girl. I hope that she is able to spend the rest of her childhood in a stable environment and will not be hounded or treated unfairly because of who her father was. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.-

-No matter who she is, no matter who her father was, that’s heartbreaking. Love MJ or hate him, I can’t stand to see kids hurting.-

-Paris is a beautiful little girl, and you can just tell she is strong. She wanted people to know that her daddy loved her, and vice versa. So touching. Omg, how can you not feel something when seeing that.-

-Who ever her father might be, this girl has love for MJ, may she have a peaceful life in the future.-

-Even though she will not have a father and mother God has to bless this little girl.-

And this one is my absolute personal favourite..

-I think the world just fell in love with her. She has redeemed the name Paris.-

Well said.


UglyPooh said...

hmm...i'm touched with what Paris had said yesterday even some people said it was scripted. Hey...its not easy la to crying like that if it was fake..she's not a super-actress.

miss halie...I link this entry to my blog. hehe

Cik Halie said...

some people are juz freakin unbelievable. they juz cant stop. it's sad.

btw trimas cik pooh krana melinkkan entry emo ku itu. bleh tmpg glamer kt blog cik pooh skjap. hehe.