Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Introducing.... ME!

greetings everyone,

welcome 2 my 1st official blog entry. im quite new here. yea i nou, im a bit behind but better late than never rite?

well, let me introduce myself 2 those who havent nou me yet. my name's halie (d 1st name im given when i was 1st born into dis beautiful yet cruel world), then im called umi (dont ask, but if u've watched dat p. ramlee's film ahmad albab u may get some ideas why my family changed my nickname). my bro n sis call me kakak. in school/college/workplace im halita/ita 2 my frens n colleagues. and i also got an assortments of other names thrown affectionately in my way by those luvly people in my life. :)

personally, i wish my name was angelina jolie or sumthin (yea keep on dreaming). haha. unfortunately, i dont look anythin like her tho (sigh). neway, wat im trying 2 say is dat im a person wif a lot of names (so does my personality), so u can call me any of d above or anythin else u would like 2 call me as long as its decent (dats a warning!).

i've described a lil bit of wat im like in person in d 'about me' column so u juz check dat one up. im here 2 make frens not enemy. god knows we had our fair share of dat in our life (people who left d toilet seat up, people who smoke in public, paris hilton, etc etc). im here 2 meet new people/old acquaintances n hopefully add a new colour 2 ur already colourful world.

i think dats basically it 4 my 1st entry. till next time.


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