Wednesday, December 5, 2007


sms-es, text messages, instant messages, emails, n all dat yg swaktu dgnnya are a very frustrating things. ever xperience a time when all u did was innocently send sumthin wif an equally innocent intention only to be misunderstood? well, dats wat happened 2 me 2day n many countless times b4.

since u dont communicate wif d person directly u tend 2 get misinterpreted quite easily. wat wif d absent of facial xpression n voice intonation. those simple things can do a lot 2 ur conversation. d person on d receiving end would not nou wat kind of intention u're sending d text 4 n would interpret it however they want 2. unfortunately sumtime their interpretation did not tally wif d one u had in mind.

juz a simple word like 'wei' can be interpret in many ways in text. it can be interpret as 'hey' (nicey friendly flirty way) or 'woi' (how-dare-u-mess-wif-me way). imagine saying it face 2 face. u can smile at d end of d word if u intend it 2 be a nice greeting or yell d word if u want 2 piss off dat sumone.

dats one of d reason i like 2 insert a 'haha' or 'hehe' or 'huhu' or 'uhuk2' or 'ahak2' or 'kuikui' or 'waarrghh2' or a simple smiley in my text so dat receiving person would nou im joking or kidding around. n i also like to include words like 'sigh', 'wink wink', 'sob sob', 'hint hint', etc somewhere along d way so dat they have ideas wat my intention is.

but once in a while, u still got misinterpreted no matter how much thought u put in composing ur text. n all of a sudden u find urself a victim of an abusing text when dat 'misterpreter' (bless them) replied back. n u're left thinking ''ok dats it! i swear im not gonna sms/email anybody EVER!'' ... but dat pledge only lasted a couple of seconds b4 ur lovable phone/pc started beeping announcing ' 1 new message' or ' u got a new mail'. n u'll find urself being drag back into d cruel, cruel world of tecnology... aaahhh how i miss d gud ol' days when all of dis weird inventions havent yet existed... (sigh).

kay, enuff membebel 4 now.