Friday, August 15, 2008

Holey Moley!

today xde keje nk buat coz it's friday again (one of my few free days) n my regu utk bchatting pon kmbali mjadi beskut (again) n that make me think of.. well, moles (huh?). haha. kpd sesapa yg paham tu paham la. yg x paham y i suddenly been thinking of moles plak ni cuba2 la buat2 paham. hehe. ok lets dive right into this holey moley things..

ever wondered what that black thingy everywhere on ur body is? duh, of course u know what it is. its ur mole, ur beauty mark, ur tahi lalat. some think of it as a curse, some see it as a stature of beauty, and some dont even realize that it was there. here are some MOLEY facts u need to know about ur little black dot...

What is it?
ok, dont freak out k? it's actually an abnormal collection of pigment cells present within the skin. doesn't mean u're abnormal, it's juz the clustering that's weird, and most people are born with a few and some are developed later in life.. see, no worries *grin*

Danger, mole ahead
now, not all moles are just a harmless dot on ur skin. some may develop into malignant melanoma, which is a fatal form of skin cancer. if u have more than 25, it's an indication that u may have it. now, if u're worried that it's malignant juz check for these symptoms; itchiness n pain, increasing size or irregular shapes n color changes, or if it's spontaneously bleeding, u may be in trouble! quick, go consult a doc!

Beauty Mark?
you've got a mole? congrats! many regard moles as a beauty factor of a person, n though many may not like it, it really does a lot by defining feature to your face! celebs with the much-sought-after beauty marks are to name a few; cindy crawford, marilyn monroe, natalie portman, eva mendes n datuk siti nurhalita eh silap siti nurhaliza haha (real n sexy); julia roberts, angelina jolie (real n not that sexy); paula abdul (real n not sexy, paula hates her mole); sarah jessica parker (real n err really not sexy?); britney spears (airbrushed most of the times); enrique iglesias, syafinaz selamat, azza elite, beego (previously got, now no more) n err.. phua chu kang. hihi.

didya know that mole on different places on the face has a significance? yup, many cultures believe that there are different meanings to where moles appear on ur face.. so look n see what ur little beauty marks means..

this signifies happiness (yay!) if it's on the right, it shows that u have exceptional qualities and if it's on the left, means u have great strength and determination.

if u have one under your right eyebrow, it means u have an outgoing personality, where else on the left eyebrow indicate high level of intelligence.

moles on the right side of the nose signify a person who loves to travel n have a passion for nature. moles on the left side means u're a person who can adapt easily to different surroundings.

if u have a little dot on ur ear, it means that u are a considerate person, and u're really lucky!

if it's near ur lips u'll have plenty of fun n laughter in ur life. u may also have lotsa fame if it's near ur ear. right cheek moles indicate that u have an attractive personality n left means u're focused (so that makes me a focused person huh?)

moles on the upper area of the lips suggests a person with a strong attitude n generous too (so that makes u my dear barney strong n generous. muahahaha!) if u have one on the lower lip area, it shows that u are a shy n slightly reserved person.

no la, it's not phua chu kang, but get this la.. a mole on the chin means u're one who tends to devour food more than necessary (huh? so meaning that sume org yg chumel2 dan mpunyai slera mkn yg agak smangat cam me ni ada mole kt chin la? but me xde pon.. hmm..) u also love to be on the move n have a thirst for adventure.

holey moley! thats a lot of info (n lotsa typing). so cukup la ek for now. will be back with more facts n infos next time. until then go start counting ur moles now. if u're unable to do that by urself gi la mintak tolong husband ke, adik bradik ke kengkawan ke. jgn gi mintak tolong pakwe plak. x kawin lg mana bley wei. dosa la ish2.. haha!

so daaa for now!! ciaozz!!

p/s: credits goes to myc! news for those infos above that i stole. sowiee.. hehe.


rai[N]y_riN said...

Am I the 1st person who know what inspired u to post this blog?
Hmmmm.......Yeahh! I knew it!'s not "what"...It's "who"....

rai[N]y_riN said...


Halie said...

hahahahhaha. bijak sunggoh adik iparku ini. minum susu apakah di kala kecil2 dahulu? haha.

rai[N]y_riN said...

well.....minum milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat!

Halie said...

haha. taniah2!! hehe. so dh kira brapa byk moles u ada? ahak.

rai[N]y_riN said...

haha...xtau la brape byk yg i kalau ade pun,xde la clean n clear like ur barney punye mole...opss!hehehe.....

Halie said...

cheh. shhh la wei... hahahaha.