Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Wonderful, Wonderful Game of Hide-and-Seek..

kecik2 dulu biasa kn main nyorok2? sape x penah main nyorok2 masa kecik2 dulu mmg bkn brasal dr planet bumi la. normally this is how u play hide n seek..

#Step1 Play with at least two person.
#Step2 Select an area in which to play the game. Designate a specific area with clear boundaries.
#Step3 Have everyone gather around a tree or other landmark, which will be "home base."
#Step4 Announce that you are "It."
#Step5 Close your eyes (no peeking!) and count to 10 or 20 or whatever number seems appropriate based on the ages of the children playing.
#Step6 Make sure that the rest of the players hide while you are counting.
#Step7 Call out, "Ready or not here I come, (or somethin like that la)" when you have finished counting.
#Step8 Go and look for the other players.
#Step9 Be alert, because, as you are searching, the others are trying to run to home base.
#Step10 Try to find and touch, or "tag," the hidden players.
#Step11 Try, at the same time, to tag the running players before they get to home base.
#Step12 Forget about the players who get to home base without being tagged, because they are "safe."
#Step13 Remember the first player you tag. That person will be "It" in the next round.
#Step14 Be "It" again if you don't tag any of the players and they all get home safe.

so thats how u normally play hide n seek. if one is hiding one is surely will want to seek for the missing person isnt it? so u cant blame ME for wanting to find somebody who is in hiding can u? its ur normal instincts to feel curious (of why one is missing), worried (in case anythin bad happen to them), crushed (bcoz u are thinkin that maybe u did somethin wrong to trigger to the dissapearance of that missing person), n 1001 other feelings included. so when that 'somebody' went missing my 1st instinct is to go n find him/her. but to my annoyance clearly that person dont wanna be seek of. so if that is how 'u' want it to be then that is what 'u' gonna get. i seek u once n u plainly dont appreciate it (n dont want it too). so i can assure u there'll be no seeking from me next time. u wanna hide for good? then go hide for all i care.

me done. duh.


rai[N]y_riN said...

hide n seek? it's a great game...but it's not when it comes to someone....u got what i mean, rite?

Halie said...

yeah.. well i kinda kecik ati tau ngn org tu.. then again life goes on kan :-)