Friday, October 17, 2008

M, can i be ur missus? *wink wink*

it's friday again (really?). n i'm so, so bored. since i dont have a tv set to distract me from my boredom (unlike that somebody who can watch Heroes anytime he wants even during working hours) so this is my attraction for the day. the man i should have married. or better yet, the man who should have marry me. muahahaha. yea keep on dreaming..

**the man n his latest artwork..

**with one of his painting (the one on d wall not the one standing on d left)

**the man at work

**the man can sing, rap, compose n produce songs, play numerous musical instruments, paints, n check this out.. he can also build a house! my dad would so gonna love to have him as menantu. haha.

ok thats it. wanna continue goggling my eyes out at the man above while letting my mind freely dreaming of the unlikely. berangan smpai lebam. yea, i'm that pathetic when i'm bored. :)


**o yea, n he also has perfect teeth. :)


Murni said...

cik halita!!! baca blog kite tak?? dtg la rumahhhh esok... huuuh!

poyoz said... ensem.
I want a man like that aso.
ensem..harwork...charming...can sing...huhu...boleh bertukang lagi.
ada ke? hehe

Halie said...

munek- dh baca dh aritu cik mun. mslh problem aku ni ialah transport. kalu ada drebar yg sudi mendrebarkn aku ke umah ko bleh la aku dtg. papepon thx la krane sudi menginvite aku. hehe.

poyoz- ada mmg ada tp slalunye dh jd hak milik kekal org lain dh la. haha. they say all d great guys r taken. abeh camno? :(