Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't push it people!!!

To my dear beloved students,

Look at that picture below. What is that?

That thing above is call an EMERGENCY STOP BUTTON ok boys and girls. What is it for? Emergency stop buttons/switches are devices that initiate the complete shutdown of a machine, system, or process. When an emergency trip button is pressed, it shuts off all of the electricity to that room except for some emergency lighting.

So as stated in its name that particular button is use when there is a case of emergency namely emergencies involving electricity. If there is such case, be my guest and please push that button all you like. But that is only in case of emergencies. I repeat EMERGENCIES. Other than that dont u ever dare push it. Especially when all you wanna do is to try and reenact the 'Deal or No Deal' gameshow in the labs!! Those are not the same buttons as the one in the show you m*gfrtg**wrr!! Cant you read those notices i pasted on every single button to warn ppl not to press the button unless its for emergency? I even threaten to send you to the Dean. All of you are university student not some kindergarten babies so surely all of you can read and i'm positively sure that none of you are blind.

Its freakin frustrating to have to run back and forth to the main power room to switch the electricity back on again u know. Yes its just a simple job turning the power back on again but if you have to do the same tedious job every other hour its doesnt seems that simple anymore i tell you. Then there's that power room with all its intimidating high-voltage wires and cables that i have to go to everytime the power tripped. Those wires and cables confused the light out of me regardless of how many times i've been to the room before. The blur and inexperienced me could have electrocuted myself in there you know (yea2 i'm exaggerating much but this is my blog i can over-exaggerate all i want here. huh!)

And not to mention the troubles u caused on your fellow students who could lost whatever results and datas they finally got on those various electrical equipments/machines before you inconsiderate ppl tripped the power. Could you please try and think about others too students? All these labs are for the use of everybody not just for your selfish self alone ok? So please, unless your life is in mortal peril NEVER and I repeat NEVER EVER push those buttons you got me?!! The next time anybody push those darn buttons again just remember that you are actually pushing my tolerance button to the max you understand??!!! ggrrrrr!!!!!

sabar je la byk2 ngn bebudak ni tau. sigh..