Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Highlight of the day..

Vivek Oberoi (bkn nama sbnar) says: hi.
Madhuri Dixit (juga bkn nama sbnar) says: hi
V says: its your picture
M says: what about it?
V says: that display in chat window
M says: my skype profile pic?
V says: yes
V says: its u right?
M says: nooo
M says: i juz like the gown
M says: i found it sumwhere on the net
M says: the picture i mean
V says: oic
V says: but if you wear it u will looks like that also
M says: nah. i wont be able to look like that in million years!
M says: but thats very nice of u to say that
M says: :)
V says: why not u are beautiful pretty
V says: i dont think the girls in the pic are much prettier than u
M says: haha
M says: well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder rite
V says: yes and i think its in u
V says: thats why i say
M says: agree
M says: what we feel inside will show on the outside
V says: of course. then we can try getting to know each other much better
M says: sure
V says: nice to talk with u
M says: rite back at u
M says: ^_^
V says: no need to smile you are already very beautiful
M says: wow, smooth talker arent u?
M says: haha
V says: no its true
M says: i was taught to take compliment with gratitude so in that case thank u very much
V says: you are most welcome
V says: i cant stop myself from saying anything which is true
V says: that i realise when i first saw u
M says: really?
V says: yes
M says: good to know that
V says: you have this one good thing in u which is smiling everytime
V says: this quality doesnt have in everyone
V says: which i like very much
V says: :)
M says: aww.. so sweet of u
M says: ^_~

its nice to have people saying nice things to u once in a while rite. even tho they r probably juz being nice or mebbe not really mean it but at least its gonna make u feel better bout urself in some ways.



Queenin Murni said...

wahh..ayat power seh..puan saloma mesti sedang mencair... heheheh!

Halie said...

pe plak. conversation ni between vivek oberoi ngn madhuri dixit la. puan sri saloma xde dlm ini gmbar. hehe..

poyoz said...

yeke.....are u sure puan saloma that u are not madhuri dixit. mybe he see u just like madhuri dixit or as beautiful as her. hehe..

want to know each other better tu....takotttt. nnt leh fly pi negara abg shakh rukh. hihi

p/s: I wish somebody to compliment me like that aso. brighten my day

Halie said...

tidaaaaakkkkkkk!!!! nehi kabhi nehi!! haha.

ala laki2 foreigner sume ni kn mmg pndai wat ayat power. tu sbb rmai yg sgkut. hehe.

p/s: gi la try wat ayat power ngn Dr. Terry plak. mana tau bleh dpt compliment plak pastu. :)