Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Nite, Another Story..

we were in his car. he was driving n i was sitting at the back seat. why was i sitting at the back seat instead of next to him or why was i being in the same car with him in the first place i have no idea. he was trying to avoid any eye-contacts with me. we continued driving in silence.

after a while i couldnt take it anymore so i asked him whether he's ok or not. he turned to look at me n then drove the car to the roadside n stopped there. suddenly he began explaining to me all that i needed to know for these past few weeks. he explained what actually happened to him, why he's acting that way. n that got us talking. really talk. actually i didnt remember us ever talking like this before. he really opened up to me n share all his feelings. n i did what i do best, be a good listener n gave my two-cents worth opinions n advices here n there.

we ended up spending the rest of the day with each other. in my hometown. i brought him to visit all of my favourite places there. n he seems to be enjoying himself too. its funny seeing a city n urban boy like him being in awed with the oldness n eccentricity of my beloved 'cowboy' hometown. all day long it was all just about the two of us. all the others that came with us were forgotten.

when it was time to go back he invited me to ride with him. juz the two of us again. the rest of our friends rode separately in other cars. we continued talking n updating each other with the on-goings in each own life. the day finally came to an end when he dropped me off at my apartment. all in all it was a great nite.

but i know that was a once in a lifetime experience n i dont know when will be the next time i'm gonna see him or talk to him again. for all that i know that may be the last time. but i'm not sad. i'm actually glad n thankful we finally got the chance to talk n spend time together. i needed it the most. n whatever happen after this i'm juz gonna continue smiling n be happy for whatever choices he gonna make for his life. sometimes to love somebody is to let them go. n if they're meant to be for u they'll come back sooner or later rite?

You learn that u really can endure
That you really are strong
And you really do have worth
And you learn and you learn
With every goodbye you learn..